Meez Nation

September 12, 2013 · Updated · 0 comments

I have been a part of the Meez development team since 2012. Meez Nation is a social networking MMO for teenagers. In Meez Nation users create a custom avatar and custom rooms then hang out and chat with friends while listening to music or watching videos.


Meez Nation has had over 13 million registered users and the mobile Android app has been downloaded from the Google Playstore over 1.5 million times. Because Meez Nation was developed in ActionScript, it is easily released for web, Android, and iOS from the same codebase. A Unity3D SDK for Meez Nation is currently in the works to allow developers to create 3D games featuring Meez Avatars.



  • Fully customizable 3D avatars and rooms
  • Multiple custom native extensions for Android and iOS
  • Responsive mobile UI
  • Integrated Youtube video and Shoutcast audio
  • Private messaging and friend lists
  • A rich and complex 3D asset pipeline using ANT, Groovy, MaxScript, 3D StudioMax, Unity3D, and C#
  • Particle and shader effects
  • In-app-purchase integration
  • Built with Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, ActionScript, Starling Framework, Flare3D, Java, Objective-C, FLSL, AGAL, JavaScript, Unity3D, C#


Available for: