Some Windchimes and More from FOTB

So I got an idea into my head while at Flash on the Beach

FOTB in Review – Day 3

Bit of an overcast day today in Brighton, but still fairly comfortable. Started out the day with a bit of a let down. Had to decide between Andre Michelle and Serge Jespers. Unwisely, I picked Jespers who turned out to be a no-show. He was replaced with Mark Doherty who did a fairly good job […]

FOTB in Review – Day 2

Another surprisingly beautiful day in Brighton. Started the day with the “Elevator Pitches” session – 20 speakers all talking for 3 minutes each. A few that stood out to me to delve into later:, a generative art blog with source code for download;, where we saw Jon Howard make 3 games in 3 […]

FOTB In Review – Day 1

Just pulled into Brighton yesterday afternoon. Rushed down to the dome for early registration and was a bit disappointed to discover there was no special free gift for early registrants as had been going around the twitterverse. The regular swag bag was top quality though. The bag itself is pretty great and actually usable. And […]

PV3D Image Extrusion

You know, you’d think with all the 3D crap I’ve been playing with lately that I actually like the stuff. I’m really not that into 3D work in Flash. I just had to try out Augmented reality when it first came around and seemed to get sucked into it all. I guess it really is […]

Away3D + QuickBox2D (Finally)

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no 3D programmer – but whenever I needed it in Flash, I just used Papervision3D. It seems the default standard these days and the amount of available information, documentation, and tutorials seems endless. For quite some time though, I’ve been wanting to try out Away3D. The folks who […]

BetweenAS3, Through AOS, and Around FOTB

Been extremely busy of late (not complaining), but thought I’d do a quick update post during lunch to get back into the swing of blogging. First, just finished up a little intro tutorial/article on “Getting Started with BetweenAS3”. For those not familiar with it, BetweenAS3 is a great new tweening engine that’s simple as pie […]

Gone Bowling

Just finished work on a simple little bowling game using the JiglibFlash physics engine and Papervision3D. It’s not a fully functional game as there are no frames or score keeping, but it was made as an example file for a tutorial so was deliberately kept simple. To play, first click on the little green rectangle […]

Flocking (Steering Behaviour) in 3D

So I just got my grubby little paws on Keith Peters’┬álatest book, “Advanced Actionscript 3.0 Animation”. I couldn’t even get past chapter 2 before I had to try out some stuff on my own. Chapter 2 is all about steering behaviours for AI animated movement. If you’re not familiar with the concept of steering behaviours, […]

Papervision3d + As3dmod = Twisty Cubes

Just playing around with a little twisty cube idea that’s been percolating in the back o’ me noggin for a bit…

JiblibFlash + Augmented Reality (Take Three)

Well here’s one more take. Now there’s two levels – you’ll bounce back and forth between them as you get through each maze. I made everything a bit smaller which improves cpu usage and also makes it easier to see. Also (hopefully) fixed it so that it will be viewable on Macs (Don’t know why […]

Jiglibflash + Augmented Reality (Take Two)

Finally had a bit of time to play some more with this combination of the jiglibflash physics engine and augmented reality and thought it was time to post. Use this marker to check out the example below. You can work the ball through the maze by actually tilting the marker paper around. It can be […]

Jiglib + Augmented Reality : Playing with Balls

So I was playing around with the JiglibFlash Physics engine in augmented reality the other day and thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be just the bees knees if you could actually control the movements of your little 3D world items by just moving around the Augmented Reality marker paper thing you’re holding in your […]

Save/Retrieve ByteArrays to/from Database via AMFPHP

Probably old hat to many folks, but I had to do a bit of googling yesterday to figure this one out and thought I’d write it down lest I forget it all again. The first gotcha to watch out for (the one that got me, anyway), is making sure that AMFPHP is encoding in AMF3. […]

Update to Website Generation Tool

For those unfamiliar with the AIR Website Generation Tool with the god awful name of Site GeneratAIR (still no good suggestions), check out this old post. Whether familiar with it or not, it has now been updated to version 2.2. New in the latest release: Fixed a minor bug that made the dragged/dropped icons gargantuan […]

Quick Morse Code Generator

In honor of Samuel Morse’s birthday, thought I’d throw out this quick little “tool”.